Central University College 2022/2023 Programmes and Requirements


Central University College 2022/2023 Programmes and Requirements

There are several Courses offered at Central University. The requirements for the individual courses are to serve as a guide for prospective students in applying to the university for for the various courses

Below are the listed courses at  Central University College

School of Applied Sciences

Course NameCourse LevelStudy Option
BSc. NursingUndergraduateFull time
BSc. Physician AssistantshipUndergraduateFull time
BSc. PharmacyUndergraduateFull time
BSc. ArchitectureUndergraduateFull time
BSc. Civil EngineeringUndergraduateFull time

Central Business School

Course NameCourse LevelStudy Option
BSc. Management studiesUndergraduateFull time
BSc. MarketingUndergraduateFull time
BSc. AgribusinessUndergraduateFull time
BSc. Banking and financeUndergraduateFull time
BSc. AccountingUndergraduate Full time
BSc. Human Resource ManagementUndergraduateFull time

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Course NameCourse LevelStudy Option
BA EnglishUndergraduateFull time
BA FrenchUndergraduateFull time
BA EconomicsUndergraduateFull time
BA Environmental & Development StudiesUndergraduateFull time
BA Communication StudiesUndergraduateFull time

School of Theology and Missions

Course NameCourse LevelStudy Option
BA Biblical & Historic StudiesUndergraduateFull time
BA Christian EducationUndergraduateFull time
BA Church AdministrationUndergraduateFull time
BA Family Counseling and theologyUndergraduateFull time

Faculty of Law

Course NameCourse LevelStudy Option
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)UndergraduateFull time and Part Time

General requirements for all courses at Central University College are as followed

  • Entry Requirements for School of Applied Sciences
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacy
    • Architecture
    • Physician Assistantship
    • Civil Engineering
  • Entry Requirements for the under listed courses in the School of Theology & Missions
    • BA in Church Administration
    • BA in Family Conselling and Theology
    • BA in Christian Education
    • BA in Biblical and Historic Studies
  • Entry Requirements for the under listed courses in the Central Business School (CBS) 
    • BSc in HRM and Management
    • BSc in Marketing
    • BSc in Agribusiness
    • BSc in Accounting and Finance
  • Entry Requirements for the under listed courses in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
    • BA in English
    • BA in French
    • BA in Economics
    • BA in Environmental and Development
    • BA in Communication Studies
  • Entry Requirements for the Faculty of Law
    • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
  • Entry Requirements for the Graduate Programmes below
    • MA/MPhil (Theology)
    • MBA (all)

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