BRIBERY SCANDAL | Give Me Ghc 8500 and we will make you SRC Secretary – TESCON President and Deputy demands bribe


The current TESCON president Livinus Kweku Bondzie and the deputy Treasurer Attobrah Oduro Emmanuel allegedly demanded an amount of Ghc 8500 from one of the aspirants in the 2018 SRC elections in order to make her the SRC Secretary.
A secret audio tape in the possession of LegonConnect, captured a conversation between the SRC aspirant (Name Withheld) and the deputy treasurer of TESCON in the negotiation. In the said recording, the deputy treasurer Attobrah claims he was sent by the TESCON president Livinus to follow up on an earlier whatsapp chat between them. In the conversation, Attobrah said whatever that would be agreed upon in the meeting will be totally carried out by the president.
He said he Attobrah, is willing to sell his reputation to the lady for an amount of Ghc 8500 which he will be using to travel to Dubai in order to play football.
Attobrah stated that his following on University of Ghana campus is so great that a common post shared from him can even give the aspirant all the necessary advantages she needed in order to win the election.
From him, if the said Ghc 8500 is paid by the girl, he Attobrah and the Tescon president Livinus will do her bidding and everything possible in order to put the said aspirant in the SRC Union building.
In another recording, the deputy TESCON treasure stated categorically that he is not scared of anything so even the Ghc 8500 is too small for a person of his caliber. “Me Tiger, even my brand alone is bigger than that amount I am demanding. I am fineboy and I will put you on my DP and share your post and make sure you win the election. That alone is more than Ghc 8500. My brand is up there and I will use it to make money. We will give her TESCON endorsement” He added.
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