Brandel Marine Limited

By | April 30, 2021

Brandel Marine is the go-to Manning and Crewing company when in Ghana for services in oil rigs, offshore & onshore, ship channeling, ship equipment, and oil platform maintenance.

The company is  based in Accra. Accra is the capital of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa.

Ghana’s Jubilee oilfield which contains up to 3 billion barrels (480,000,000 m3) of sweet crude oil was discovered in 2007, among the many other oilfields in Ghana.

Oil and Gas Exploration in Ghana is ongoing, and the amount of both crude oil and natural gas continues to increase.

The vision of Brandel Marine is Improving the nature of recruiting and placment.


Our legacy is to challenge the status quo, and much of our success has been and is linked to finding new ways to improve technology and business models in shipping.

Fast development with professional services made us one of the most popular companies within crewing field and among seafarers.

Brandel Marine Limited Services

  • Recruitment
  • Offshore Service
  • Ocean Going
  • Oil Platform Maintenance
  • Cruise Line Ship and Container
  • Bulk Ship
  • Transport & Airport Assistance
  • Hotel Accommodation To Our Clients

Brandel Marine Limited Details

Call Us:

0302547382 / 0244785752

Email Us:

[email protected] / [email protected]

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Monday to Friday


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