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Berekum College of Education 2021/2022 Programmes

Berekum College of Education 2021/2022 Programmes

Berekum College of Education 2021/2022 Programmes, the following are all the list of courses and programmes offered at Berekum College of Education

The College offers the following Bachelor of Education Programmes:

  • B.Ed (Primary Education)
  • B.Ed (ICT & Mathematics)
  • B.Ed (History & Geography)
  • B.Ed (RME & Music)
  • B.Ed (English & Ghanaian Language)

The College offers Four-Year Bachelors of Education programme (General). Students stay on campus for three years for academic and professional studies and one year off-campus for practicum (i.e. teaching practice). This programme is popularly called “In-In-Out” .The programme prepares trainees to impart to pupils learning skills, thinking skills, and life skills.

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