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By | April 28, 2021

Babiaa is transforming delivery by offering on-demand services for nearly anything to be delivered anywhere anytime.

At Babiaa we see the need to not only have food, groceries, liquor delivered on demand but to have nearly anything delivered. Using our user-friendly app, we can connect users to drivers and deliver anything on-demand

Why choose Babiaa

Saves Time

Focus on what is most important to you and let Babiaa handle your delivery. We deliver nearly anything on demand – not limited to laundry, food or grocery delivery. Place your orders and let Babiaa handle the pick up and delivery for you. We also offer Contactless door step delivery.


Multiple drop offs and pick ups

Request multiple drop offs and multiple pick ups in a single delivery order. Let Babiaa run your errands for you. One driver does all your errands and delivery.

Live Tracking

Track the progress of your delivery.

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