The singer and song writer has had a fair share of conspiracy theories over her celebrity journey. According to a rather colourful but seemingly random conspiracy theory, the Avril Lavigne we knew is not the Avril Lavigne we now know. It is rumoured that the real Avril Lavigne died in early 2000s. To keep her music, name and identity going as well as make some cash for themselves, her recording studio and Hollywood silently laid her to rest without inciting any media fuss. Her identity in showbiz was replaced then by a body double and equally gifted songstress, Melissa Vandella.
The blog that begun this rumor mill has posted this theory named “12 Signs Avril is Dead,” which detailed all of the supporting “evidence.”
According to theorists, some of the indications that suggest that Avril Lavigne is not current Melissa Vandella include the rather bizarre variations in their nose sizes and changes in birthmarks shapes over the years. Allegedly, “Avril” has grown much shorter than before and her personality has immensely been altered overnight making things seem suspicious.

Morosely, theorists have said that the death of her heavily doting grandfather and the pressure of her new found fame led to her untimely death-by-suicide. To keep profit margins wide, her recording studio simply replaced her with a look alike. “Avril” who was known to have struggled with the boring Lyme disease and her much publicized divorce from Chad Kroeger simply laughed the rumours off in an interview back in 2014. Three years after, and the interview has birthed new rumors. According to a widely viewed Youtube Video, “Avril” might have been lying throughout the whole interview.


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