by Israel Boafo Bansah

In light of the looming SRC elections, widely read university of Ghana online media house; LegonConnect will open up access to its popularity polls come Saturday; the 21st.  The online polls will be a social instrument to evaluate the brand and campaign influence of the SRC candidates over the past few months before, during and after they each filed for candidacy.
LegonConnect is confident that by the conduct of this survey, it could analyze and project vital statistics that though not in entirety a foreshadowing of the actual election results, will provide a bit of clarity as to the impact and reach of each office aspirant.
The polls slated for Saturday will run through the month of March into the first week of April on the 5th of which the online portal will be tore down. Revelations from the metrics will be published and updated by the hour on the LegonConnect blog as well as disseminated over social media.

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