3G network: NCA sanctions Airtel, Tigo

By | June 17, 2016

Business News of Friday, 17 June 2016

Source: classfmonline.com


NCA TIGO File photo

Ghana’s National Communication Authority (NCA) has sanctioned Airtel and Tigo for failing to cover district capitals including Karaga, Bimbilla, and Wulensi, all in the Northern Region of Ghana, with a 3G network.

According to a recent NCA Report on 3G Coverage Assessment of Cellular Mobile Services in the Northern Ghana, out of 21 district capital surveyed, Airtel failed to cover 1 district capital with 3G whiles Tigo also failed in two.


MTN and Vodafone scored high marks as both networks tried to offer 3G coverage to customers in some remote parts of Ghana.

“MTN had good 3G coverage in all the covered District Capitals except Bimbilla and Savelugu which had “fair” 3G network coverage. Vodafone had good 3G coverage in all the covered District Capitals except Buipe, Sagnarigu, and Tamale which had “fair” 3G network coverage”.

Meanwhile, the regulator says it has notified telcos about its current findings and has directed all of them to improve their coverage in some localities by July 2016. It has further directed that all network operators extend 3G coverage to Daboya, Kumbungu, Sang and Tatale District Capitals by December 2016. The Report also revealed that all network providers had no 3G network coverage at Daboya, Kumbungu, Sang and Tatale District Capitals.

MTN and Vodafone had 3G coverage in all the District Capitals tested except Daboya, Kumbungu, Sang, and Tatale.

In pursuance of obligations of the 3G Cellular Mobile License of Telecommunication Operators, the consumer perspective of the 3G Coverage status is tested to ensure the compliance of Operators to the obligations on 3G Coverage to the user.

The report is based on findings on 3G verification campaign in the Northern Region from 10th February to 4th March 2016 for all Operators except for Expresso due to technical challenges.


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