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University Of Fort Hare International Office, The Office of International Affairs vision is to engage in a vibrant and viable internationalisation agenda that is internationally recognised, culturally enriching and promotes a diverse approach to academic excellence through international best practice.

The University of Fort Hare is committed to promote International Relations through co-operative and collaborative linkage partnerships, international programmes and activities with fraternal institutions of higher education within the Higher education regulatory framework, provisions of the national planning and policy imperatives, whilst also ensuring consistence with the Vision, Mission and the Goals of the university.

In order to achieve coherent, value-adding, and strategic international relations and partnerships, a regulatory framework that orientates co-ordinates and directs all UFH international activities, co-operations and partnerships profiling are essential.  These will help serve, inter alia, to eliminate unnecessary duplication, overlap of efforts and ensure effective and efficient utilization of resources, thereby. Such a framework and profiling of partnerships also serve to harmonize existing practices and ensure integrated and coordinated approach to internationalization.

With over 2000 international students from across the globe registered, the International Affairs Office ensures a smooth transition and study experience for the students. The Office also has the dual function of serving the university’s international students and scholars who are interested in mobility programmes for faculty and students, through an extensive network of partner collaborators on campus and abroad. It also strives to support these three core values; research development, improved services for international students and community engagement.


To mobilize all possible resources to implement our comprehensive internationalization programme to achieve innovative excellence using the University of Fort Hare’s rural and urban environments.



The programme shall be socially and ethically relevant, and applicable to scientific, technological and socio-economic development.

International Student Services

The International Office serves as a central hub for international students, providing support across a large platform, which includes:

  • Assisting prospective students with questions regarding admission, academic affairs, visas, study permits and accommodation
  • Providing on-going practical and emotional support to students far removed from their familiar support structures
  • Ensuring internationalisation of activities in the campus to improve student experience

Additional services provided by the International Office comprise:

  • Seeking, supporting and facilitating opportunities for Fort Hare staff and students to experience academic life at international partner universities through mobility exchange programmes
  • Developing and promoting the concept of “internationalisation at home” and ensuring that the entire Fort Hare community benefits from the growing internationalisation at Fort Hare

Verification of Accreditation

  • Liaising with foreign embassies in South Africa
  • Working with the Department of Home Affairs regarding the renewal of study permits and new study visa applications
  • Negotiating, facilitating and managing international inter-institutional agreements and partnerships
  • Facilitating academic visits
  • Promoting and supporting academics in international /local conferences/workshops

Student life

International Student Life Section (ISL) enhances the student‐learning environment through programs and services that internationalize the campus experience. This work is accomplished through focused and intentional efforts in three core areas:

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