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University Of Fort Hare Gis, GIS is used to display and analyze spatial data. This connection is what gives GIS its power: maps can be compiled from the database, and data can be referenced from the maps. When a database is updated, the associated map can be updated as well. GIS databases include a wide variety of information including: geographic, social, political, environmental, and demographic.


Career opportunities in the fields of GIS & Remote Sensing are almost unlimited due to the wide range of applications.  In South Africa, GIS & Remote Sensing are used in both the public and private sectors, by governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in decision-making processes and general research activities.  Examples include governmental departments (Department of Water & Sanitation, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism), Telkom, Eskom, mining companies, as well as numerous private consulting companies.



  1. Bachelor of Science majoring in GIS
  2. BSc Honours in Applied Remote Sensing & GIS
  3. Master of Science in Applied Remote Sensing & GIS

Welcome to the Department of GIS & Remote Sensing.  The department currently offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes consisting of a BSc Honours and MSc in Applied Remote Sensing & GIS. The Department of GIS & Remote Sensing grew out of the old Department of Surveying at UFH in the mid 1990’s. There are now two specialized teaching labs with appropriate layouts for the teaching and learning development strategies envisaged to produce competent graduates, ready to enter the workforce with minimal difficulty, and accustomed to the needs of the industry.

Mr. P. Sibandze 
Head of Department
Email:[email protected]

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