UL Geology

by Israel Boafo Bansah

UL Geology, Welcome to the Physics Department at the University of Limpopo (UL). We thank you for your interest in our programmes and hope that these pages will tell you everything you need to know about Physics and Geology studies at UL. The department is located in the Q-block building on the campus of the University of the Limpopo, 30 km outside of the City of Polokwane.  

The department offers the Physics and the Geology programmes.  Physics is the study of all matter in the universe, the forces that act thereon and energies that lie within. It is a very wide subject which studies the fundamental behaviour of matter from the largest scales (stars, galaxies, etc.) to the smallest scales (sub-atomic particles) and their composition. Mostly, however, we do study physical phenomenon on earth, like mechanics, electricity and so on. It is the study of these basic natural phenomena that eventually gave rise to the technological advances as we see them today. 

Geology began as the study of the earth, but has expanded to include all the materials in the solar system. Geology therefore not only includes the study of minerals, fossils, rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes and the structure of earth, but also includes landforms and their development throughout time as well as the formation and evolution of planets.

The Department of Physics concerns itself mainly with teaching, research and community service. Research is an important component of the departments’ activities. At the start of an honours degree all students are introduced to research. Research in the department centres on material science. There is a more practical approach and a more theoretical approach. The latter uses mainly computers for modelling materials. 

Students who want to pursue a career in Physics or Geology can attain the following degree programmes:BSc, BSc. Honours, MSc and PhD. If there is anything we have missed out or you require more information we will be happy to answer your queries by telephone or email (see contacts below).

To be a leading Physics Department in finding solutions for Africa, in particular, and the world in general.

To provide excellent teaching and learning in Physics and Geology and to achieve a world-class research and community engagement to the advancement of the surrounding rural community.

Core Values

  • Dissemination of knowledge of Physics and Geology
  • Development of new science through research
  • Involvement in community service

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