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UL Blackboard, Materials posted through a learning management system like Blackboard are subject to the same copyright principles that apply to printed materials.  It is not permissible for anyone including lecturers to put materials in Blackboard without permission. 

Putting copyright materials on Blackboard.

  • Never post the entire copyrighted work without the copyright owner’s express permission. For example, never upload an entire book onto Blackboard.
  • Use legally acquired or purchased copies of materials
  • Always include copyright notices
  • Always remind students that copyrighted works should not be copied and redistributed to others.
  • Restrict access to those students enrolled i.e. use must be limited to students enrolled for the module/ course
  • Post materials in the section of Blackboard that is password protected
  • It is advisable and convenient to link to resources rather than to copy them. When a link is created reproduction of original work does not occur and therefore no copyright infringement. Obtaining permission to link is thus not necessary though it can be done for courtesy sake.
  • For assistant in creating links, please consult subject librarians.
  • Links can be created to
    1. homepage of websites and linking should not be  deep within a site unless this is not possible
    2. materials that are publicly available on the web
    3. materials available to UL community via Library subscriptions
  • Course packs on E-reserve can be posted on blackboard
  • Course packs  posted on Blackboard should be copyright compliant
  • Permission should be obtained before posting  course packs/materials that include  articles or books chapters

The following table has been adapted from Blackboard Inc. and serves as a guide in posting copyrighted materials on Blackboard.

Book ChapterNoLink to item in Short Loans
Article from print journalNoLink to item in Short Loans
Article from journal in licenced databaseUsually noCheck database terms of use,
Link directly to database or
Link from Short Loans
Article from journal on general webpageUsually noCheck terms of use
Link to article, or
Link from Short Loans


UL Blackboard

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