UFH East London Campus Residence

By | January 15, 2019

UFH East London Campus Residence, welcome to the Faculty of Education at the University of Fort Hare.  We are a dynamic and vibrant Faculty, with a diverse staff and student population.  We are located in two campuses, both offering a number of initial Teacher Education, as well as continuing professional development programmes. In the Alice campus we have the School of Further and Continuing Education; and in the East London Campus the School of General and Continuing Education.

We are also the home of the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development which was formally launched by the late President Nelson Mandela in 2007, placing his legacy work in rural education at his alma mater, the University of Fort Hare.  It is accountable to a respected Board of Trustees, reflecting civil society, the university sector and the Department of Basic Education.

Over the last 10 years the Faculty has experienced a quantum growth in enrolment and research productivity. This has earned it a place as one of the highly rated of the five faculties of the University of Fort Hare; as well as nationally. As part of our pursuit of excellence, we have embarked on an exciting and innovative project; the establishment of a transdisciplinary Early Childhood Development Centre of Excellence which will be situated at the East London Campus.

In this connection, we have developed a ten year vision to establishing the Centre as an internationally recognised hub of knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in the field of early childhood development.  During the course of vision development we have interacted and established a number of national and international partners who have expressed a keen interest in working with us. These partnerships will enhance the Faculty’s relevance to addressing national development challenges as well its internationalisation profile.    

We hope that in course of perusing our website you will find links that will enable you to connect with relevant information and key actors, leading to enriching your experiences as we work together in excellence.    


We seek to be a world-class Southern African Faculty of Education, preparing 21st century educators who are critical, creative problem-solvers, initiators and leaders in education.


We are committed to:

• learning and teaching excellence in both rural and urban contexts;

• offering courses and programmes which are flexible, relevant, innovative and future orientated;

• conducting research projects grounded in the Southern African experience; and publishing in nationally and internationally recognized publications.


• interaction with and commitment to our Eastern Cape community, both rural and urban;

• partnerships that promote educational development and excellence;

• upholding the values of diversity and inclusivity, and

• promoting the University of Fort Hare through the Faculty of Education as a respected and recognized leader in education, provincially, nationally and internationally 


Address all correspondence should be addressed to:

Manager: Faculty of Education, University of Fort Hare, Private Bag X1314, Alice 5700, South Africa

Tel: 040-602 2410/12 Fax: 040-602 2448


Faculty of Education, University of Fort Hare, Private Bag X 9083, East London 5200, South Africa

Tel: 043-7047186/7218 Fax: 043 704 7113

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