Sefako Makgatho Faculties

Sefako Makgatho Faculties, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU) has five esteemed schools offering a wide range of high quality health sciences education.

Health Care Sciences


To be a leading School of Health Care Sciences, epitomizing excellence and global competitiveness, addressing the needs of rural communities through innovative ideas.

Dean’s Message

The School of Health Care Sciences is a multi-disciplinary school which is committed to the vision of preparing students for the world of work in various contexts addressing the health needs through innovative ideas.

The school consist of six departments, namely, Human Nutrition and Dietietics, Nursing Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech, Language, Pathology and Audiology. The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate as well as post-basic programmes.  All undergraduate programmes within the school are of professional qualifications which are accredited by various professional bodies. It is a multi-disciplinary school which values diversity in its student complement and seeks to admit a mix of students that reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the South African Population.  We pride ourselves in appointing qualified and skilled academic staff who not only teach but continue to be involved in various research projects relevant to their disciplines.

Through its mission the school is dedicated to the training and education of competent health care professionals through:

  • Deploying educational approaches that include evidence-based methods rooted in current best practice principles
  • Promoting inter-professional research, that recognises the inter-disciplinary nature of holistic health care provision
  • Producing cadre of health professionals with capacity to identify, analyse and address the health needs of the individual, the family and the community
  • Creating an environment that supports innovative educational approaches through technology.

Oral Health Sciences

About School of Oral Care Science

In 1975, the then Department of Health and Welfare, having recognised the need for dental therapists, decided to make facilities for their training available at the Ga Rankuwa Hospital. During 1980 the first Dean of the Faculty, Prof L T Tariaard was appointed on a part time basis

The building of the dental’ complex started in 1984. The hospital accommodates all the required clinical facilities and was officially inaugurated towards the end of 1987

234 Dental surgeries are available in the hospital for clinical utilisation and a full spectrum of service laboratories is housed in the complex. The hospital, with its own three surgical theatres, is equipped to treat approximately 600 patients per day

In July 1989 control of the hospital was transferred from the Department of National Health and Population Development to the then Transvaal Provincial Administration and subsequently to the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Dean’s message

The School of Oral Health Sciences strives towards excellence in the teaching of the science and art of Dentistry, excellence in providing for the oral health needs of the community, as well as excellence in community-oriented research.

We care, and because we care, we respond to the various challenges with all the vigor and expertise we can muster.  We care about people.  It is our task and responsibility to alleviate pain and to restore the stomatognathic system in order to improve the quality of life of all the citizens of South Africa.

We do not only want our students to pass their examinations successfully, but also to be life-long learners. The challenges posed by the expected increase in oral health needs and demographic changes of the Southern African populations within the next decade offers many challenges for future oral health professionals.

This School is pro-actively undertaking research into the broader issues at stake and the dynamics involved, searching for effective solutions to future problems within the Southern African oral health care delivery systems, while being internationally competitive.

Accentuating the positive, respecting the individual, and empowering our dedicated School to provide the best possible learning environment for every dental Student are among our primary goals.

Science and Technology

About the School of Science and Technology

Message from the Acting Dean of the School

Welcome to the School of Science and Technology (SST) at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). The newly established School offers a range of academic offerings of world-class standard and aims to be a knowledge hub of choice for students aspiring to become future innovative Scientists and Researchers.

There are four different academic streams offered at undergraduate level, viz. Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Occupational & Environmental Sciences, which are tailored to provide focus and specialisation from as early as first year. In order to increase student access, the School has an Extended Curriculum Programme (BSc-ECP) extending over 4 years. The School also provides training in basic sciences to students registered in the Schools of Medicine, Oral Health Sciences and Health Care Sciences. Students completing their BSc degrees have the opportunity to further specialise through an honours degree and to continue with their studies up to PhD. There are also opportunities for life science graduates to become medical scientists by enrolling in any of the relevant honours medical science programmes offered in the School of Medicine. Student support structures are available to ensure that every enrolled student of SST receives the necessary academic and emotional support to complete their study programmes. To stay relevant and responsive to the needs of society, continuous engagement with the community around SMU is fostered through outreach projects such as the Science Outreach Project which supports learners and educators in local schools and through participation in the Annual National Science Week programme and Open days. Students will also find our annual science career expos a very useful platform to begin networking with potential future employers and for securing bursaries, scholarships and internships.

The School of Science and Technology is committed to excellence both in teaching and research and employs a very dedicated and motivated team of professionals.

We wish all our current and prospective students an exciting learning experience.



To be a leading African University School of Medicine, epitomising excellence and global competitiveness, addressing the needs of rural communities through innovative and robust research initiatives.


A world class School of Medicine responding to education, research and community development needs always; endeavouring to train quality health care workers with empathy, consciousness and lust for community-based research.


About School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy is the newest School of Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. Initially the School will operate as a mono-structure and Departments will be established during 2017.

The School of Pharmacy offers undergraduate programmes for basic and post-basic pharmacist’s assistants and the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. The postgraduate programmes include the Master of Pharmacy in the disciplines of clinical, industrial, public health pharmacy and management, and radiopharmacy. Candidates are also enrolled for PhD degrees. Our programmes are evaluated by external examiners from other universities and accredited by the South African Pharmacy Council.

Our students come from all provinces of the RSA and from a number of African countries. During their studies the students obtain clinical experience at various facilities including hospitals, clinics and community based programmes in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North-West Provinces. Our students enjoy a very healthy relationship with very loyal and committed staff within the School.

The Photobiology Laboratory is also housed in the School and attracts several national and international studies from the cosmetic industry. The School of Pharmacy also offers the dispensing course and several continuing professional development courses for health professionals.

The School of Pharmacy is committed to its vision to be the benchmark for innovative and sustainable pharmacy-related programmes for teaching, research and services for all.