‘Okro mouth’ Bawumia will not get job after NPP’s defeat – Adu Asare

By | March 18, 2024

General News of Sunday, 15 May 2016

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Kojo Adu Asare MpKojo Adu Asare

A Presidential Staffer, Kojo Adu Asare has said the opposition NPP Vice Presidential Candidate Dr Mahamadu Bawumia will have a very difficult time securing a banking job, should his party lose the upcoming general elections.

According to him, all the major international banks will hesitate in employing Dr Bawumia who once served as a Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana because he’s quick to put into the public domain, certain vital and confidential information about the banking sector and the economy.
The renowned economist and banker has come under fire from especially government officials and the ruling NDC party after he alleged that government had caused financial loss to the state by transferring some $250 million Eurobond proceeds from the Central Bank into a private bank.
Addressing students at the Accra Polytechnic Dr Bawumia said since the GIIF is not yet operational, government transferred this amount into a private bank and bizarrely borrowed the money through treasury bills.
This, he believes, amounts to causing financial loss to the state because the government has borrowed its own money and is paying an interest on same.
But Finance Minister Seth Terkper argues the former deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana’s claim is not only “factually wrong” but also is “technically deficient.”
Contributing to a discussion on the matter on Peace FM Friday, Kojo Adu Asare stated that Dr Bawumia’s proclivity to always and quickly run to the public with any information he stumbles on, is a conduct that will cost him in the future, because he (Bawumia) lacks the discipline to keep information.
“This banking job is all that Dr Bawumia knows, if in the future he will be employed in any establishment it will surely be the banking sector because that is where he has expertise. I’m wondering which bank in this world knowing that Dr Bawumia is such ‘okro mouthed’ will want to employ him. Issues that one must exercise discretion in discussing; Dr Bawumia will let them out so easily.
“Dr Bawumiah as much as he’s doing his political bidding and trying so hard to continue to show his mettle in Ghana’s political field, should also know that there are ethics that have to do with his profession and his kind of training and he should keep that in mind.
“Right now banks around the world be it the African Development Bank, World Bank or the International Monitoring Fund, I’m sure they are also listening and taking notes.
“How can someone of Dr Bawumia’s stature fail to exercise discretion in anything, because whatever he sees he’ll come and open it up raw and put it on the political alter for slaughtering.
“For me I think at the same time that he’s trying to do his politics, he’s also displaying that part of him which Ghanaians and the whole world are watching. If his party does not win the election and he fails to become the vice President, he may have a difficult time getting a job with any bank, because which bank should employ Bawumia so that at the slightest opportunity, he’ll put their figures out there and be divulging their secrets.
“Where monies are involved because of speculations the moment people here certain confidential information, stocks level change, you just don’t open your mouth and throw information out there simply because you want to win elections one day and not thinking how such information can affect the economy even worse than it was when that information had not been given.”