NWU Online Application Fee

NWU Online Application Fee

NWU Online Application Fee,

Application Fees for North-West University:

South African applicants are required to pay an application fee of R150. International students need to pay R550 upon application.
Application fee (applicable to new International Students)
New international students must apply for admission to the North-West University and the fee, as listed under paragraph 4.2, must accompany the application. The amount is non-refundable and will not appear on the student’s account.
For this purpose ONLY a direct bank deposit or electronic payment can be made into the North- West University bank account. The account “NWU University online registrations” must be used and the account details are ABSA, account number 409-169-1369, and branch code 632-005. Please contact us with enquiries about this bank account at [email protected].
The most important is yourreference. Foreign students must use the letter A together with the prospective student’s date of birth and surname as reference for our bank account.
Registration fee
All students must pay the annual registration fee as listed under paragraph 4.2. These registration fees are used to fund the registration process. The amount is non-refundable and does not qualify for staff discount, nor can it be paid off in monthly installments. Registration after the official communicated dates will result in a late registration fine as listed under point 4.2, Registration fees.
The following is a list of other fees that a student’s University account may be levied with if applicable to the student.
                                     Campus: MC Mafikeng, PC Potchefstroom, VTC Vaal Triangle                                                Rand
1 Application fees                                        New RSA students                                                                                                                  0
New international students                                                                                                                                                                             550
B – Status fee (should application for study status be made)                                                                                                                  600
Special admission examination                                                                                                                                                                       440
2 Registration fees                                     Registration fee                                                                                                                     1 740
Fine for late registration, excluding Masters & PhD students                                                                                                                   500
MBA: Annual admission to NWU School for Business and Governance                                                                                                6 300
Postgraduate Diploma in Management: Annual admission to
NWU School for Business and Governance
Full Time Students                                                                                                                                                                                               640
Part Time Students                                                                                                                                                                                              3 180
LLM & M Phil: Once-off admission to the master’s programme                                                                                                                2 200
3 Student Academic                                   Recognition of Prior Learning will be levied on ad hoc basis                                       0.00
Administration                                           Exemption fee per application: Modules completed at
(SALA) fees                                                   
other institutions                                                                                                                    210
You are however required to verify the fees from the authorities of the NWU in order to get the latest additions and information

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