Nursing At UL

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Nursing At UL, Welcome to the Department of Nursing Science at University of Limpopo. Department of Nursing Science is one of the departments in School of Healthcare Sciences. The department consists of highly qualified staff members that produce independent Professional nurses, Midwives, Community and Psychiatric nurses. The department strives in ensuring quality healthcare services by producing qualified nurses.

Studying a four years undergraduate degree will equip you to be an independent skilled professional nurse that can assist in improving the health status of the community, and reduce high morbidity and mortality rate. During the undergraduate program, you will be professionally socialized into becoming a skilled, knowledgeable and independant nurse practitioner. Candidates who successfully complete the program will register with the South African Nursing Council as a Professional Nurses and Midwifes. You will automatically be placed in the hospitals and clinics upon completion of the degree.

Qualified candidates can further get employed in the following areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Occupational industries such as mines, schools e.t.c
  • Nursing schools

The department offers both undergraduate (B.Nurs) and postgraduate nursing qualifications (PHC, M.Nurs & PhD). Check the admission criteria to assist you about the application process. All programs offered by the department are recognized by the South African Nursing Council for registration and, are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Undergraduate Degree (honours inclined) B.NURS
Duration of study:  Minimum 4years Maximum 5years
Admission Criteria:

National Senior Certificate with bachelor endorsement from the following subjects:

  • English level 4
  • Mathematics level 4
  • Physical Science level 5
  • Life Science level 5
  • Two additional subjects: Home language at level 4
  • History, Geography, Agriculture, Accounting, or other subjects at level 4

Total minimum credit of 26

  • A candidate may be admitted to the department by recognition of prior learning.
  • The selected candidate will be required to register with South African Nursing Council that will enable him/her to practice as a student nurse in the hospitals and clinics.

Training Process
All registered students will be subjected to teaching and learning process in the department. The process can be lecturing, individual learning, Group discussion/learning, Role-playing, Simulations and Case studies in hospitals, clinics, occupational centers (mines, old age homes, disability centers) and clinics. The students will be allocated to the above experiential learning centers so that they gain experience and more knowledge, and accumulate practical hours as required by South Africa Nursing Council.

Career Opportunities
Completion to the above degree enables one to work in the Hospitals (Public and Private), Clinics, Nursing Schools and Occupational industries anywhere in South Africa.  The person has an opportunity to persue Master`s studies in any higher educational institution both national and international. 

Postgraduate qualifications
Postgraduate qualifications of Department of Nursing Science include Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Healthcare (PHC), Masters of Nursing (MNURS) and Doctoral Philosophy in Nursing (PhD).

Admission Criteria:
Diploma in Primary Healthcare (PHC)
Duration of the study: Minimum 12 months

  • Honors degree at NQF level 8, with overall credits of 60%
  • Registered with South African Nursing Council as a professional nurse,
  • Minimum two years working in either in the hospitals or clinics or occupational industries

Masters of Nursing
Duration of the study: Minimum 2 Max 4years

  • Honors degree at NQF level 8 with a minimum credits of 60%
  • Minimum two years of working experience in either the hospitals or clinics or occupational industries
  • Advance Postgraduate Diploma at NQF level 8
  • Or by Recognition of prior learning that relates to research projects (Individual proof will be needed).

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Duration of study: Minimum 3 years, Max 5years

  • Master`s degree in Nursing at NQF level 9 with a minimum credits of 60%
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in either the hospitals or clinics or occupational industries.

Training Process
All postgraduate students will be subjected to a two weeks induction workshop immediately after registration. A postgraduate student in PHC will be engaged in course work of four courses in a semester. PHC student are also expected to write mini-dissertation in order to complete their studies. Masters and PhD students do not have coursework and will do full dissertation to complete their postgraduate studies.

Career opportunities
Obtaining a postgraduate degree provides an opportunity to work in public health sectors as directors, managers, or and career in higher educational training institutions and research organisations such as Medical Research Council.

The Department of Nursing Science is offering the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science – Duration four years
  • Master of Nursing – Duration two years
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science – Duration four years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Health Care (PGDPHC) – Duration one year

Modules & Duration
Modules offered in the 1st Semester

  • MHCA 181  – Health assessment, treatment and care – 1st semester
  • MHCB181 – Health Care Systems
  • MHCC 181 – Research Methodology

Modules offered in the 2nd Semester

  • MHCA182 – General Disease Conditions
  • MHCB182 – Research Report

Masters Dissertation

PhD Thesis

Physical Address
University of Limpopo 
Department of Nursing Science
New R-block First Floor
Private Bag x 1106

Contact Person 
Mrs MA Kgatle
Tel : 015 268 2384/2385/3173
Fax : 015 268 3080

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