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NSS Registration Procedure,The National Service scheme has a sole purpose of empowering young minds so that they are able to acquire the spirit of self employment which should as a result lead to the growth of the economy of Ghana. This article is going to enlighten you on nss registration Ghana 2018-2019, when is nss registration starting, how to get your nss registration number and, the deadline for nss registration much more.

National service scheme registration procedures

In case you are interested in being a part of the national service scheme, you are supposed to follow the guidelines below so as to have a smooth nss registration process and avoid any complications.

2019 NSS registration requirements

Here are some of the requirements you needed when filling your nss online registration form.

  1. One valid ID -passport, voters card, SSNIT card or a driver’s license.
  2. A Scanned Passport Photograph that is not more than 1 mb. This is supposed to appear on the final certificate and therefore needs to be formal.

Obtaining your pin

  1. Visit the NSS Pin Portal through the website below.
  2. https://nss.gov.gh/enrollment/my-nss-pincode
  3. Under the applications menu, you should click on My NSS PIN Code.
  4. Put in your school ID or Index Number so as to retrieve your nss registration pin Code.

You should know that as a prospective National Service Personnel, you are supposed to check with the students’ affairs office/office of the Dean of Students/students representative council so as to pick your PIN. Enrollment PINS are normally released in February or March of every service year.

The registration process

  1. You are required to pay your registration fee and NASPA dues at any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) so as to commence your nss registration procedure. The fees and dues are currently 40 Ghana Cedis. You should note that without the required payment, you will not be able to access the registration platform so as to register for your compulsory national service.
  2. You should then use the link below to log on the NSS portal in order to download the nss registration form. https://www.nssghana.org/nssenrollment/(S(qeck3y55pm5dz145aepta445))/default.aspx
  3. Then go to the APPLICATION tab, once a drop down menu appears, click ENROLL.

When uploading your photo, it is advised that you use a standard passport photo. Additionally, the passport picture ought to be equal to or less than 1mb.

  1. You should start by clicking on New Enrollment
  2. Enter your Pin number and Index number by clicking on the PIN tab.
  3. You are then required to confirm whether the PIN number you have entered is correct and then click on the section GET ENROLLMENT FORM.
  4. Once you have gained access, the form will then come with your details which include name, course pursued and institution attended.
  5. In order to avoid your form being rejected, you should ensure that all tab -spaces are correctly filled.
  6. You should keep in mind that all tab spaces on the form where there are triangles are pull- down menu. You therefore have a list to select form.
  7. For those schooling and working, it is advised that you fill the right field and send copies of letters that grant you study leave. The copies should be sent to the NSS headquarters through fax: 03221-769074/772714. Alternatively, you could take them to a nearby NSS office.
  8. You should then scan your passport photo in the right format which is JPEG. (The size of the photo should not be more than 2mb but could be less). In order to select the picture, you should then browse for the location where the picture has been saved.
  9. Once you are done with the form, you should click on SUBMIT.
  10. The system shall then generate an NSS number which after submission which appears on the top left hand of the enrollment form.
  11. You should then go back to the first window and click on the QUERY ENROLLMENT tab and enter the NSS number that the system generated for you plus your index number.
  12. You should the click on the slot GET ENROLLMENT FORM whereby your form will appear with a picture on it. You should then print it out.
  13. You will use the NSS number generated to get your posting information.

Accessing your postings

Here is a guideline as to how you should go about your nss posting registration.

You will get your postings through the NSS website below.


You should then go to THE DEPLOYMENT tab whereby a drop down menu shall appear and then click on CHECKING POSTINGS.

You should then enter your NSS registration number in order to get access to your posting.

  1. Click on SUBMIT and wait for the results
  2. Your posting information will then appear
  3. Then click on the Posting Letter tab in order for the posting letter to be displayed.
  4. You are advised to then print two copies of you posting letters and posting information.
  5. You should then take the printed posting letters and posting information to the regional director in the region you have been posted in for the sake of endorsement.
  6. You should then report to your user agency where you will be doing you national service so that the head of that institution also endorses your appointment letters so as to testify that you have reported as posted. It is vital that the date of endorsement is indicated on the appointment letter to avoid any inconveniences.
  7. You are then required to send your fully endorsed and dated letter to your respective NSS District Officer.
  8. You are then required to return to your User Agency so as to start the program as it is required in September of the year you were posted.
  9. After beginning you national service, you are required to submit to your NSS District office a duty reporting form that has been endorsed by your supervisor at user agency where you have been posted on a monthly basis.

All in all, you ought to know that this form is not only designed to facilitate the processing of your allowances but also to help your supervisor obtain your performance information.

NSS registration deadline

The Management of the National Service Scheme has officially announced the nss registration closing date 2018/2019 so that interested personnel could get hold of the nss registration form 2018 as fast as possible.


1. The NSS Registration 2018 is set to close on Thursday, 31st May 2018.

2. The NSS Application Portal is supposed to shut down on Thursday, 31st May 2018 at 11:59 PM.

You should take note of the fact that once the National Service Scheme Portal is closed, no applications shall be submitted. Therefore, you should ensure that you submit your application before the nss registration deadline in order to avoid being left out. Below are NSS contact details that could be of benefit to you.

46 Patrice Lumumba Road Airport Residential Area Ghana

+233-302-772714/769194 /0507193125 /0507193128 +233-302-769074

0507193125 /0507193128 /0507193129 /0507107206

Call center numbers:






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