NMMU Requirements For Psychology

By | January 24, 2019

NMMU Requirements For Psychology, The Department of Psychology offers a wide range of study opportunities which either provides training for individuals who want to develop psychological knowledge and people skills for use in people-orientated careers, or professional training in psychology that will lead to registration as counsellors or psychologists with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The Department currently offers Clinical, Counselling and Research Psychology.

The University Psychology Clinic (UCLIN) is an outpatient unit concerned with the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults who are experiencing educational, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. UCLIN is also a training and research unit where postgraduate students receive professional training.  The psychological procedures done at UCLIN are carried out under the supervision of the Department of Psychology’s staff members.


  • To facilitate and promote the development of our students, staff and the broader community.
  • To engage in ongoing curriculum and research development which is innovative, sustainable and needs-driven.
  • To train and empower students with the necessary professional knowledge and skills to engage and consult with diverse communities and individuals.
  • To be an accessible and responsive community resource for broad-based psychological service delivery.
  • To facilitate and promote the development of our students, staff and the broader community. 


The Department of Psychology strives to optimise innovative, contextually relevant learning in human behaviour that meets regional, national and international standards.


Admission requirements

The admission requirements for the BA in Psychology are:

  • Foreign Exemption
  • SPS Score of 31

Admission requirements for the Bachelor of Psychology: Program 1 (Honours) at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa are:

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree with Psychology as a major module, and
  • have obtained a final mark of not less than 60% therein, and
  • comply with such other selection criteria as approved by the Faculty Management Committee (FMC) on recommendation by the Department of Psychology (e.g. if a period of 10 years or more has elapsed between graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a candidate for the Baccalaureus Artium Honores in Psychology shall be required to demonstrate that he/she possesses the expected knowledge outcomes of a current major in Psychology)