NMMU Mechatronics

By | January 24, 2019

NMMU Mechatronics, The Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics provides students with a thorough grounding in mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences, engineering modelling and engineering design together with the abilities to enable application in fields of emerging knowledge.

Mechatronic engineering is a combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronics and computer systems.


What characterise a typical Mechatronic system is the close integration of the mechanical components, electrical sensors, mechanical and electrical actuators and computer controllers into products and systems useful to society.

Mechatronic engineers must have insight in each of these disciplines in order to combine all these elements in an optimal way,

Admissions Requirements:

  • Candidates shall be admitted to the study for the qualification of Master of Engineering in Mechatronics only if they hold the qualification of Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a qualification deemed by Senate to be equivalent thereto, or if they otherwise qualify for admission in the opinion of Senate.
  • Candidates with a BEng (BSc Eng) degree in Mechatronics or Electrical/Electronic Engineering will have sufficient fundamental knowledge in their respective degrees, however, they might lack knowledge in their respective degrees, however, they might lack knowledge in other disciplines of Mechatronics, which would be necessary for admission to the Master’s programme. Therefore, depending on the candidate’s experience, the applicant may be required to complete some modules on NQF 8 level from the BEng Mechatronics programme.
  • Candidates who have completed Bachelor of Technology in a relevant field may be eligible, at the discretion of the Faculty Management Committee. Additional coursework on NQF 8 level will be, however, compulsory at the discretion of the Head of the Department.