Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Llm


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Llm, This programme caters for the person who wishes to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in more than one field.

A programme consisting of four modules and a research treatise may be constructed from any of the modules that form part of the focused coursework programmes.

Please consult the Faculty prospectus for a detailed list of all the modules.


Requirements for admission

(Please note that these are the specific programme admission requirements – the university has its own minimum admission requirements.)

Unless Senate decides otherwise, candidates shall be admitted to the studies for the Master of Laws/Magister Legum course work and research degree only if they

  • have obtained an average mark of at least 60% for the degree of Bachelor of Laws/Baccalaureus Legum or the equivalent thereof, or
  • have, in the opinion of Senate, attained through practical experience or otherwise a level of competence which is adequate for the purpose of postgraduate studies in Law.

Career fields

  • Lawyer
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