Mahama has nothing to show for fight against corruption – CPP

By | March 19, 2024

General News of Sunday, 15 May 2016



Mahama School Project Launch President John Mahama

Convention People’s Party (CPP) has indicated that President John Mahama has nothing to show for his fight against corruption in the Country.

According to its Youth Organiser, Ernesto Yeboah, the president has only paid lip service on issues of graft in Ghana in his tenure.

President Mahama in an interview with the BBC on Thursday said he has fought corruption better than any other regime in Ghana.

But Speaking to Citi News, Ernesto Yeboah argued that the president’s attitude to dealing with corruption does not inspire hope of a corruption free Ghana anytime soon.


He insisted that government “has nothing to show for” its fight against the canker.

“How did he deal with clear cases of corruption, clear cases where the court had ordered that he should go for our monies? What is happening to ISOFOTON for instance? So the president would do himself a lot of good if he desists from making such comments when it comes to the issue of corruption.”

Ernesto advised the president saying “the way forward for him is to be truthful and tell the people of Ghana that he’s been inept or incompetent in dealing with issues of corruption but to pretend that the news about corruption and its exposure is what has given a heightened sense of it, it’s a part of disrespect to the people of Ghana.”

I’m dealing with corruption

President Mahama in an interview with the BBC on the sidelines of an an anti-corruption conference in UK said his administration has fought corruption better than previous regimes.

After boldly declaring that he has never accepted a bribe, President Mahama further stated on that, unlike his predecessors who felt exposing corruption would bring down their governments; his administration is fighting the canker head-on.

President Mahama, who was speaking to the BBC on the sidelines of the Anti-corruption Summit in London, said dealing with corruption in Ghana which has a high perception of the canker, is an uphill task.

“You know corruption is not ended. It’s a tough fight. We have an uphill battle but we need a partnership of the willing to be able to do it.

“In a country like ours, you have a heightened perception of corruption because people are able to discuss it more freely but to move the next step where you expose it, investigate and sanction it, then you need evidence to bring it before a judge or something like that; and that’s what we are doing. I’ve the political will to fight corruption.”