Central University Of Technology In Bloemfontein

By | February 5, 2019

Central University Of Technology In Bloemfontein, The Central University of Technology was established in 1981 and has its main administrative seat in Bloemfontein, is situated in the heartland of South Africa and forms part of the growing metropolis.


  • Engineering and Information Technology
  • Health and Environmental Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Management Sciences


CUT has two additional campuses:

  • The Welkom Campus
  • New Park Campus (National institute of Higher Education: Northern Cape.) 


The vision of the Central University of Technology, Free State, is to be an engaged university that focuses on producing quality social and technological innovation in socio-economic developments primarily in the central regions of South Africa.


The university is set to be an “isle of innovation”, where “isle” is the acronym for the following practices:

  • Innovation. The main focus of the academic, research and skills development programmes shall be social and technological innovation. 
  • Impact and outcomes. Factors to be defined will be, to measure success rather than systems and processes being seen as ends in themselves.
  • Socio-economic development. CUT chooses an active approach and socio-economic development shall be the ultimate outcome of the university’s endeavours.
  • Location. The full exploitation of the comparative advantage of the uniqueness of location and resources.
  • Excellence. The most important drivers of a successful organization are quality and excellence. 


CUT was established in 1981, as the Technikon Free State, that started with mainly secretarial, art and design programmes. A few years ago CUT embraced its new status as a university of technology.

On 26 March 2004 the Technikon Free State officially exchanged its “technikon” status for the new identity namely, Central University of Technology, Free State when its new name was published in the Government Gazette.

CUT acquired several buildings as the institution grew and now owns an impressive number of buildings that includes six buildings, Prosperita Auditoruim as well as another hall and a modern library information centre

Students enjoy the facilities of the Lapeng Student Centre that aims to make student life enjoyable to the full. The centre is equipped with an amphitheatre as well as a cafeteria where students socialise.