Central University Of Technology Finance Department

By | February 5, 2019

Central University Of Technology Finance Department, To render a financial administrative service to the Central University of Technology by utilising competent personnel and developing norms, standards and systems to execute operational processes and accomplish financial performance.

Primary Functions

Financial Administration performs the following Primary Functions:FINANCIAL CONTROL AND REPORTING

Expenditure Control and Provisioning Administration

The unit responsible for Financial Control and reporting directs its activities towards budgetary control and control over expenditure. This includes the processing of salaries and other compensation, asset management, procurement, loans, investments as well as control over the utilisation of equipment.


The unit also reports to the CUT Council and the Ministry for Higher Education and Training on financial matters that bear impact on the Central University of Technology.

Administration of Financial Aid to students

The unit for the Administration of Financial Aid to students renders support to students in terms of bursaries and loans. With dedicated staff, extensive efforts are made to create an environment where the anxiety for financial burden is alleviated.

Promotion of Efficiency

The primary function of the unit is to promote financial efficiency in all functional areas of the Central University of Technology. The unit is also responsible for the recovery of debts and to perform Responsibility Accounting where special attention is devoted to business units (Science Park, Research Fund and External Funding Units) and cost centers (including Hostel Accounting).