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Why The Tax Payer Is Poor

Governments of advanced countries hate each other. The ugly truth be told, even the closest allies have enmity towards each other. Why? Because they each possess resources that the other does not. And regardless how diplomatically close two nations may be, one cannot simply act as a Father Christmas to the other. No one nation… Read More »

How To Fill University of Cape Coast UCC Admission Forms

How To Fill University of Cape Coast UCC Admission Forms Find below easy steps to apply for UCC 2017 admissions using the UCC Portal Click on “Apply Now” on thehomepage 2. Select the Application Type (e.g.: Post WASSCE First Degree, Regular Graduate Studies, etc.) 3. Supply your card information and ensure you keep the card… Read More »

Frankenfoods May Be Jesusfoods After ALL

At the period of lackluster and drab Mount Tambora volcanic winter of 1816, one of the world’s greatest fiction stories was penned by Mary Shelly. This will turn out to become her literary masterpiece; Frankenstein. By a long shot, few other sci-fi novels have had the tendency to invent such an eerie influence in articulating people’s… Read More »

A Letter To The SRC President of Legon

Dear Diana Voski, OF THE SRC’S INEPTITUDE, INCOMPETENCE AND APPARENT DISINTEREST AND INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS THE MANY PROBLEMS AFFECTING AND FACING STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF GHANA. I write to you this, angry and sad. I know you may not be expecting this, but take a few minutes off your busy schedule and digest this. Yesterday,… Read More »

A CRY FROM ABOVE – Asante Louis

A CRY FROM ABOVE – Asante Louis  [12:09 NOON] It was raining, but the trade winds came and swept away my might. The skies split thunderously like a roaring lion. I peeped through the window and I was given an instantaneous “selfie” by the flashy lights of the heavens. I wish I had words to… Read More »

Paradise Lost And Two Guards For GANDHI – Kofi Opare Hagan

A few days ago, an African-American friend of mine on exchange at the University of Ghana told me about racial abuse he had suffered on campus at the hand of another exchange student. The lady in question, a white student of anthropology, also on exchange from the University of Vermont, spat on him and repeatedly… Read More »

The Self Development Strategy Series

©The Self Development Strategy Series Self Development Tip of the day?: Today’s Tip ?The golden rule of self development is to first accept that nobody can develop ‘you’ except yourself. Self development is a decision. People might try helping you in numerous ways to develop yourself but for the rendered help to be effective, you… Read More »