5 Major Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Legon Admission This Year


The University of Ghana yesterday released the list of successful applicants to pursue various programmes in the university for the 2020/2021 academic year.

So far, over 12000 applicants have been admitted.  However, the number is expected to increase slightly as the list is being updated.
It is very obvious that the University of Ghana, like every other university, cannot admit the entire number of persons who apply to be admitted for the 2020/2021 academic year.
This article is to give possible reasons for the inability of some applicants to make the list.

Reason #1 – You did not meet the general admission requirement

One possible reasons for which you did not get Legon admission this year could be your inability to score at least 6 credit passes in your WASSCE exams.
In order to secure admission into any tertiary institution, applicants must score at least C6 in six subjects – 3 Core subjects and 3 electives.
Your application is most definitely not going to be accepted when you don’t meet this standard.

Reason #2 – You did not meet the grade requirement for the course/programme you opted for

There is a cut off point for the various programmes.
For instance, an applicant must scores at least 14 may be qualified for admission for any of the programmes under Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences.

Therefore, even though you scored at least C6 in six subjects – 3 Core Subjects and 3 electives, you cannot secure a place on the admission list for any of the programmes under Allied Health Science if your grade score is higher than the 14 required.
Visit the university’s website for the cut-off points for the various programmes used for this year’s admission

Reason #3 – Your results have been cancelled or withheld by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC)


After WAEC had released the 2020 WASSCE results, it was brought to light that the results of a number of schools were being held to allow investigations into possible cases of examination malpractice.
The examination body also announced that the results of persons who will be found guilty of examination malpractice after the investigation will be cancelled.
If your results were withheld even for a short period, it could be reason sinc e the university will not wait for WAEC to finish its investigation before releasing admission list

Reason #4 – You made a mistake with your online application

Your inability to complete your online application could be a reason for which you failed to make it to Legon this year.
Perhaps you submitted your application without a passport picture or your educational background.

Reason #5 – You were not lucky

Admission into the University of Ghana is often the university of choice for many Senior High School graduates.
Each year, the number of applications increases, however, the school is forced to turn down the application of many even though they may be qualify to be admitted due to infrastructural and logistical constraints.
Each of the programmes available at the university has a limited number of people it admits.
Although you may have scored the right grades and have met the cut-off point, you compete with fellow applicants opting for the same program and probably did better than you.

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