Sefako Makgatho Radiography

Sefako Makgatho Radiography, the 3-year Radiography programme has been re-accredited for another 5-year cycle. The students work under supervision at the Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital, Garankuwa and various accredited clinical training sites in Gauteng, Limpopo, and North-West provinces. The Radiography department has applied for the 4-year Radiography degree, which is a national imperative as a number of institutions have already implemented it. The Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) documents are under review by the various accrediting bodies. Also, the MSc Clinical Psychology programme was successfully re-accredited in 2017.

Academic Programmes

B Rad (Diagn)
BSc (Hons) (MS) Anatomical Pathology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Haematological Pathology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Medical Physics
BSc (Hons) (MS) Medical Biochemistry/Chemical Pathology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Medical Microbiology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Medical Virology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Pharmacology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Physiology
BSc (Hons) (MS) Psychology
M Med (Anaesthesiology)
M Med (Anatomical Pathology
M Med (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery)
M Med (Chemical Pathology)
M Med (Dermatology)
M Med (Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging)
M Med (Family Medicine & Primary Health Care)
M Med (Forensic Pathology)
M Med (General Surgery)
M Med (Haematological Pathology
M Med (Internal Medicine)
M Med (Medical Microbiology)
M Med (Neurology)
M Med (Neurosurgery)
M Med (Nuclear Medicine)
M Med (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
M Med (Occupational Medicine)
M Med (Ophthalmology)
M Med (Orthopaedics)
M Med (Otorhinolaryngology)