Sefako Makgatho Psychology Requirements

Sefako Makgatho Psychology Requirements, the Radiography department has applied for the 4-year Radiography degree, which is a national imperative as a number of institutions have already implemented it. The Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) documents are under review by the various accrediting bodies. Also, the MSc Clinical Psychology programme was successfully re-accredited in 2017.

Psychology Requirements

MSc Degree Programme
Appli(i) Applicants must be in possession of an Honours degree in Psychology or an equivalent or have received status from Senate according to the rules and regulations regarding such Admission. A student must have obtained an average mark of 65% and above to be considered.
MSc (Med)Degree Programme

(i)                   This course is open to students who are in possession of BSc (Med) (Hons) degree or who have received BSc (Med) (Hons) status. MSc (Med) studies may be continued in the respective fields in accordance with Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University General Rules for Postgraduate studies.

(ii)                 An MBChB graduate may be admitted directly to MSc (Med) studies provided that the duration of the study period for the MSc (Med) course is extended by one year.

(iii)                Any candidate accepted for MSc (Med) Physiology who has not done a course in Biostatistics will be required to do Biostatistics (BIOZ 701) as part of the MSc (Med) degree.