CUT Twitter

by Israel Boafo Bansah

CUT Twitter, the official twitter account for the Central University of Technology is provided below with a little synopsis about the university.

CUT Twitter

Our Vision 2020 statement is: “By 2020, Central University of Technology, Free State shall be an engaged university that focuses on producing quality social and technological innovations for socio-economic development, primarily in the Central Region of South Africa”. In other words, by 2020, CUT will be a centre of knowledge, innovation and excellence producing a critical mass of innovators that directly contributes to prosperity-creation.

We will do this by graduating an industry-ready workforce and entrepreneurs. We will focus on local and regional innovation and commercialization of our innovation products. In this respect, we recognize that no successful geographical region has developed an innovation and technology-based industry without a first-rate university of technology. Vision 2020 is our roadmap to becoming such a university and play similar roles as leading technology institutes and universities that spearhead socio-economic transformation in different regions of the world.Why Vision 2020?

Without a clear vision, we may not know why we are doing what we do and what impact we will make. Successful entities are always clear about their vision. It allows them to pick and choose what their priorities are, and where their investments should be so that they make the best impact in their chosen priorities. CUT’s Vision 2020, therefore, presents our aspirations and determination as a university of technology.