CUT Master's Degree

CUT Master’s Degree, The Graduate School provides collective support to supervisors and postgraduate students to grow their research capacities. The school provides access to best practice resources in the support of research.

In the support of scholarly and scientific investigation, Research and Development

  • Ten postgraduate research programmes
  • Research clusters
  • Faculty Research Managers
  • What to expect from the postgraduate experience: steps and stages
  • Graduate Attributes
  • Fellowship | Scholarship Opportunities
  • Important documents
  • Books, resources and
  • Workshops

Assistant Deans: Research, Innovation and Engagement

The Assistant Deans will advise and direct you in dealing with your research inquiry.
Assistant Deans: Research, Innovation and Engagement
Tel NrFaculty /Unit
Dr  Mohamed MostafaTel: +27(0) 51 507 3454Engineering and Information Technology
Prof. Ryk LuesTel: +27(0) 51 507 3145Health and Environmental Sciences
Dr Mike MhloloTel: +27(0) 51 507 4027Humanities
Prof. Crispen ChipunzaTel: +27(0) 51 507 3218Management Sciences
Mr Molefi MotsoenengTel: +27(0) 57 910 3583Welkom Campus Science Park: Technology and Innovation

Important Documents

  • Research and Development Plan 2014 to 2020
  • Postgraduate support by Library and Information Services (LIS)
  • Exclusive postgraduate study space available equipped with network points, including access to computer labs in the Student Academic Support Centre. Postgraduate cubicles available 24hrs a day. Speak to your study supervisor/promoter about being allocated space.

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