Central University College

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Pharmacy integrates the art and science of the preparation and standardization of drugs. An interdisciplinary field that connects the health sciences with the chemical sciences, it has a wide scope spanning the cultivation of medicinal plants, synthesis of chemical compounds of medicinal value, and analysis of medicinal agents. 

Central University College Entry Requirements

Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE):

6 passes with aggregate 24 or better and including 3 core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science; and 3 Elective subjects including Biology, Chemistry,

Physics and Mathematics. All passes should be grade D (SSSCE) or better.

West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE): 

6 passes with aggregate 36 or better and including 3 core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science; and 3 Elective subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics. All courses should be grade C6 (WASSCE) or better.

GCE Entrants: 

Credits in 5 subjects at O’ Level including English Language and Mathematics and 3 ‘A’ Level passes in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

Mature Applicants:

Applicants must be at least 25 years with Science background – Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or elective Mathematics- and must pass an examination conducted by the University. Such applicants must be holders of Bachelor of Science related degrees. (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Human Biology) or HND (Dispensing Technology/Laboratory Technology. Any application that comes without the above named qualifications will however be evaluated on its own merits.

Additional Information on Pharmacy: By a directive of the Pharmacy Council, the B. Pharm Programme may be upgraded to a 6-year Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy Programme) mid-stream.

Central University College Contact Details

Central University, Miotso near Dawhenya. 

Off the Accra – Aflao Road. 

P O Box 2305 Tema or P.O BOX DS 2310 Dansoman ,  Accra- Ghana -West Africa

 Admissions: +233 0307 020540 | +233 0303 318583

 Main:  +233 0303 318580 | 030 7020545 (Miotso) | +233 0302 313185 (Mataheko) | +233 0302 396189 (Kumasi)

Whatsapp:   +233 023 331 3180  

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Central University College

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Central University College

The Central University College was founded by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) in Accra, Ghana. It started off as a pastoral training institute in 1988. It was then known as the Central Bible College by June 1991. It later became the Central Christian College in 1993 and eventually became the Central University College in 1997. Among the stated aims of the university is to provide an “integrated and biblically-based tertiary education with particular reference to the needs of the African continent”. It is currently the biggest private university in Ghana.

History Of Central University

In 1988, the Central Bible College was born. In 1993, it became the Christian University College and became the Central University College (CUC) in the year 1997 after a change of name.
Central University College (CUC) is a privately owned university colleges in Ghana. Owned by the International Central Gospel Church, its founder and Chancellor, Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil has within the last two decades, emerged as a leading voice in African Christianity advocating for a proper synthesis of Christian religious expression and the translation of spirituality into practical everyday action. The Idea of CUC was birthed in 1988.
CUC started as a short-term pastoral training institute mainly for pastors of ICGC. It became a Christian University College in 1993 expanding its programs over the years to include the academic study of Christian Theology, Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science and a select number of modern languages including French. Most of its current programs are offered up to the graduate level and has seen the establishment of the schools of architecture and pharmacy in the 2008/2009 academic year. In 1998, the university college was accredited by the (NAB). A Ghanaian newspaper feature on CUC that appeared in The Spectator of Saturday 16 October 2007 described CUC as “a University college in a class of its own”. The Valley View University of the Seventh Day Adventist Church was established before CUC.
Ten (10) years down the line, CUC’s development has been phenomenal with the construction of a permanent campus in Miotso, near Dahwenya. On 26 October 2007 CUC relocated a greater part of its campus from the heart of Accra, the capital to Miotso a community near Dawhenya in the Greater Accra Region.
The University’s first Registrar Mr. Johnson Kanda was the first employee of the university who drafted and put together almost all the documentation needed for the university he served a period of 10 years between 1998 and 2008.
The university’s chancellor Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil is the Head Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) The university’s past President V. P. Y. Gadzekpo, FGA had been president since 15 September 2004 till 2012. He took over from Rev. Prof. Kingsley Larbi who was the principal of Central Christian College, Ghana. His distinguished pioneering efforts at the then Central Christian College led to the establishment of Central University College, Ghana, where he served as its first President or Vice-Chancellor from November 1998 until July 2003. The university is now headed by Prof. Kwesi Yankah, who serves as the university’s new president. He took over from Prof V. P. Y. Gadzekpo, FGA on 1 September 2012.
The University received a charter from the president in 2016 and now has changed from a College to a University.

Organisational Structure of Central University

The University has four schools and two faculties

Faculty of Law

This is the newest school established at the Miotso campus.

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

School of Theology and Missions

The oldest of the schools, it was started in 1988 as a pastoral training institute thus predating the university.

  • Department of Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Department of Historical Theology
  • Department of Practical Theology

Central Business School

This school was established in 1997.

  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Agribusiness Management
  • Department of Management and Public Administration
  • Department of Human Resource Management
  • Department of Marketing

School of Applied Sciences

This is located on the Miosto campus.

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department ofCivil Engineering
  • Department ofNatural Sciences
  • Department of Nursing Studies and Practice
  • Department ofPharmaceutical Sciences
  • Department of Physician Assistantship Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

This is the third school created. It is located on the Dawhenya campus. It was established in October 2006

  • Department of Communication Studies
  • Department of Environment and Development Studies
  • Department of English Language
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of French

Graduate School of Business

  • Master of Business Administration Master of Business Administration programme with a duration of 18 calendar months. Designed to provide an intensive quality post-graduate education in business and management within a supportive collaborative environment. An intensive foreign language training programme (French and Chinese) as well as a Personal Professional Development Programme of study is

Central University Campuses

The University occupies the following campus locations

Miotso (permanent campus)

This consists of expanding number of structures on the 248-acre (1.00 km2) plot of land. It houses the new ‘face’ of CU. Miotso is 58.2 km away from Accra Central. This permanent campus accommodates the Central Business School(CBS), the School of Applied Sciences (SAS), the Faculty of Law and The Faculty of art and social science. Also the administration section of the University College is also located here.

Mataheko Campus

The Mataheko campus is located in the heart of Accra near Kaneshie. The University has four campuses located within the Mataheko area for lecture halls and administrative offices. These campuses serve also the Central Business School and Administration and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Dansoman Campus

The School of Theology and Missions is housed here.

Christ Temple Graduate School Campus

This campus houses the Graduate School of Business which runs the Master of Business Administration programme with duration of eighteen calendar months. Designed to provide an intensive quality post-graduate education in business and management within a supportive collaborative environment.