by Israel Boafo Bansah

On the highway of life, where there lies a dozen hearts; the slow, the fast and the super-fast. Some using the outer lanes and others the inner lane, per the speed each and every beat prefers. On this highway lies the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour, the formidable and the feeble, the calm and the aggressive and so on. It is very peaceful on this highway till another crosses the lane of the other for an accident to occur.
The birthing of the accident is what brings about life’s most deserted problem. With this problem, there is traffic, shock, injuries and in worst case scenarios; death. As a result of the injuries, unintended scars are left over. Life’s most deserted problem is “letting go”.Over time, these injuries may heal but once the eyes are set on the scars the injuries leave, haunting memories of the accident comes to mind.
This is basically that which happens when we hurt people. Wounds may heal but scars are forever. This in turn corrupts the saying “forgive and forget” to “forgive but do not forget” which is not supposed to be so. A preacher once said, “if you forgive and still remember, you are holding on to the pain and that’s not total liberation” .Letting go is key to personal development since it has the ability to make us move on. Moving on means you beat the traffic jam into a free zone.
Never in any instance seek revenge, it is for the bad, the sour, the feeble and the aggressive hearts on the highway of life. As the saying goes “the weak revenge, the strong forgive and the wise forget. The road to forgiveness may be a tough one but let this be your inspiration; even as Christ was being scourged by the Roman soldiers, the best revenge he got for them was the forgiveness of the Father. (Luke 23:34)
Where do broken hearts go? They go to Christ; in Him is forgiveness in totality. Any forgiveness short of Christ is not whole. Have you ever been hurt? Give your heart up to Jesus, he’s the utmost mender. It is finished.
Raymond A. Opoku,

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