"Wallahi!!! We Would Cheat No More" – UG Muslim Students

by Calvin Gyasi

Hundreds of predominantly Muslim students last Wednesday, swore not to cheat in examination and in all other spheres of their lives. This oath took place at the R. S. Amegashie auditorium when renowned Islamic scholar, Dr. Bilal Philips gave a public lecture.

Dr. Bilal Philips

Dr. Bilal Philips

Dr. Philips observed that cheating has become a fabric of the youth and the secular school system is not helping in their moral development as individuals. He bemoaned the system and made it clear that the goals of our educational systems are monetary instead of being moral. “A moral society is what has the capacity to change the world” he said. All students present were then made to swear an oath that from that day on, they would never cheat. Therefore, the words “Wahalahi!!! We Would Cheat No More” was chorused throughout the auditorium over and over again to signify its importance.
Dr. Philips, giving his lecture.

Dr. Philips, giving his lecture.

Dr. Philips in his lecture blamed globalization which he said has nearly conquered Islam. Western Globalization has led to cultural domination. Due to the cultural domination, we see their way of life, dressing and so on to be superior to ours. In this period, the Hijab disappeared since the Muslim women wanted to look like the women from Europe and America. He talked about the west coming out to tell the world that Religion is man-made by propounding and accepting the theory of evolution.
The issue of Female Genital Mutilation was raised by a female student in the question and answer session. Dr. Bilal revealed in response that FGM is which is widely practiced is in violation of Islamic principles. The Holy writings do not command Muslims to circumcise females he asserted. FGM is a pre Islamic practice and was being practiced by Jews in Madeena long before the establishment of Islam. The Qur’an does not condone the harming of women and does not encourage practices that deprive women of enjoying sexual pleasures. He then went on to condemn the act and said that many women have been harmed and said that even if circumcision is to take place, it should be done in such a way that should not harm the lady in anyway.
A magnificent stage performance of poetry brought the stage life. Ewura the poet made this possible. He performed with such authority and flair that left his audience enthralled. Alliterations, rhymes, puns and some figures of speech availed themselves to his tongue as he went on to recite a poem he authored on the tenets of Islam.
Ewura the poet tickling the ears of the audience

Ewura the poet tickling the ears of the audience.

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