Vandal-Vikings Clash Almost Mars Matriculation

by Calvin Gyasi

The 2016 Matriculation ceremony of the University of Ghana was nearly marred by a violent clash between students of the Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall. A Toyota Corolla car was set ablaze and stones were raining as the boys of both halls tried to prove they were the best. It took the Police to bring the situation under control as the School security had a difficult time handling the situation.
The students of the Commonwealth Hall popularly known as the Vandals have a tradition of parading the matriculants around major routes in the school just before the matriculation starts every year.
However, it seems the Mensah Sarbah Hall residents took offence as the Vandals moved on the streets adjacent to the Sarbah Halls chanting all sorts of songs which may have included dis words to their colleagues, the Vikings.
The Vikings wasted no time in responding to the Vandals in full measure. As tensions run high, tempers were flared and which was then converted to stone throwing. It took the Legon  police to bring the situation under control. The fire service also came to extinguish a burnt Toyota corolla.

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