University Of Pretoria Online Courses

by Israel Boafo Bansah

University Of Pretoria Online Courses

University Of Pretoria Online Courses, As part of the University of Pretoria’s hybrid learning environment – Professional Online Development (PODs)® – our online and blended courses provide you with lifelong learning opportunities presented by thought leaders right at your fingertips.


Project and Risk Management

Programme in Project Management (PPM)
Advanced Programme in Project Management (APPM)
Online Course in Project Risk Management
Online Course : Introduction to Project Management
Online Course in Principles of Project Management
Online Short Course on Project Management Principles and Practices

Agriculture and Food Sciences

Course in Opaque Beer Brewing

Economics, Finance, Accounting and Statistics

Online Cost and Management Accounting

Education and Training

Designing Programmes for Open, Distance and eLearning
Administration and Management of Open Distance Learning in a Dual Mode Institution
Policy Development and Planning in Open Distance Learning
Ensuring the Quality of Open Distance Learning (ODL) Programs
Research in Open Distance Learning
Ready for Work Programme
PCEL Module 2: Commitment to Personal Learning – Leadership and Management Development
PCEL Module 3: Pedagogical Leadership
PCEL Module 4: Education Labour Law, Professionalism and HR Processes
PCEL Module 5: Securing Success through Integrated Continuing Professional Development
PCEL Module 6: Future Orientation and Contextual Intelligence
PCEL Module 7: Pedagogical Management
PCEL Module 8: Nitty-Gritty of School Governance
PCEL Module 9: Making My School Safe
PCEL Module 10: Capstone


Online CPD: Railway Maintenance Management
Online Course in Social Responsibility and Community Management in the Mineral Industry

Health Sciences

Infection Prevention and Control Fellowship

Environmental and Natural Sciences

Online Course in Food Microbiology
Online Course in Phytomedicine
Programme in Environmental Management

Veterinary Sciences


Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Business Management Online Course

Education and Teacher Development

Mobile Teaching for the 21st Century Teacher
PCEL Module 1: Answering Future Challenges – Tools and Techniques

Financial Science and Economics

Financial Management for Non-financial Managers
Cost and Management Accounting

Human Health

Health Professions Ethics Online CPD
Advanced Exercise Science and Personal Training
Online Course in Higher Exercise Science and Personal Training
International Clinicians’ TB and HIV
Neuroscience Online Conference
Introduction to Brain Fitness Training
Higher Neuroscience Coaching

Information and Communication Technology

Online Programme in IT Project Management
Short course on Technology Neutral Analysis and Design using UML and URDAD
TERP10 Integration of Business Processes in SAP ERP
eSkills for Entrepreneurs
Online Course in eBusiness and eCommerce

Law and Human Rights

Programme in Local Government Law and Municipal Administration

Built Environment, Property, Urban and Regional Planning

Online CPD: Joint Building Contract Committee (JBCC®)
Introductory Programme in Sectional Title Management

Religious, Social and Political Studies

Crisis and Trauma Support
Bybelse Berading vir Beginners
Biblical Counselling for Beginners – Online Course
Online Course in Youth Ministry

Science, Engineering and Technology

Mine Ventilation Engineering Module for the SHEC Mineral Resources Industry Course
Occupational Hygiene Module for the SHEC Mineral Resources Industry
Operations Management and Strategy Module for the SHEC Mineral Resources Industry Course
Online Course in Leadership in the Mining Industry

Veterinary Science and Animal Health

Introductory Course in Early Canine Development
Intermediate Course in Early Canine Development
Short Course in Radiology of the Dog and Cat
Online Course in Non-Radiological Diagnostic Imaging of the Horse
Online Course in Radiology of the Horse
Advanced Course in Early Canine Development
Malignant catarrhal fever (MCF)
African Horse Sickness
African swine fever
Avian influenza
Bovine Babesiosis
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)
Classical swine fever
Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR)
Theileria Parva Infections
Biosecurity: Hazards Posed by International Trade in Livestock and Livestock Commodities
Drivers of Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases
Cardiac Glycoside Intoxication
Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia
Animal Health Management Module
Anthropod Vectors: Ticks Module
Biosecurity Module
High Impact Diseases Module
Rift Valley Fever
Lumpy skin disease
Preliminary Course in Early Canine Development

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