University Of Limpopo Graduation

by Israel Boafo Bansah

University Of Limpopo Graduation, Graduation is one of the main celebrations of the year at the University of Limpopo as students celebrate their achievements in the presence of their family, sponsors, and friends as well as the academic staff who have supported their academic journey.

Spring GraduationCeremonieswill be held at the Onkgopotse Tiro Hall onTuesday, 18 September 2018.

The Graduation ceremonies will take place as follows:

  • Morning session will comprise of Undergraduate degreespostgraduate Certificates/Diploma and Honours degrees.
  • Afternoon session will comprise of Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Things to KNOW before graduation:

  • Invitations for your Graduation ceremony will be sent to you via post and SMS. Also log on toOnline Facilitiesfor more details.
  • You will not receive your certificate and/or transcript if you have anoutstanding debtowed to the University.
  • Graduands are guaranteedSTRICTLY TWO GUESTStickets.
  • Children under five (5) years will not be allowed in the hall.
  • A fee ofR1050.00is charged for receiving a certificate in absentia.
  • No change of names on the certificate will be considered after the graduation ceremony.
  • Only official photographers will provide photography for the entire graduation ceremony.

Things to DO on the day of graduation:

  • Assemble atR40 Conference Hallby no later than 07h00 (AM)for morning session and 12h00 (PM) for afternoon session.
  • Listen to announcements about the collection of your name card and guests tickets.
  • Wear academic attire in accordance with theOxford specificationbefore taking a seat in the graduation hall.
  • Take comfort break prior to entering the graduation hall as no movements will be allowed during procession.

Things to NOTE in the graduation hall before procession:

  • At the hall, stewards will direct you and your guests to the correct entrance, your tickets will be checked and you will be directed to your seat.
  • Do not swap your seat.
  • Ceremonial announcements will be made by Programme Director.

Where to ORDER academic attire:

University’s official supplier of academic regalia isDippenaar & ReineckeOutfitters.


752 Park Street, Arcadia,Pretoria,0083.
Tel:+27(12) 343 2945/47
Fax:012343 2559


Certification and Student Records
Tel:+27(15)268 2130/3528

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