TINKARO Writes – Common sense must rule in 2016

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Today brings to an end, the year 2015 and what can I do other than be grateful to our Lord God Almighty ,my friends, family and to all those who supported me in all ways possible from the beginning of this year to this day ,31st December 2015 .
I know not all of us achieved our set goals and targets but the fact that we are alive should be an inspiration for you, for the Greatness ahead.
Others achieved all greatness ever imaginable but are not alive today, thus you should be grateful to God for your life even though you probably failed in achieving your goals .
As the year comes to an end today ,let us chill and dance this afternoon with all the hit songs from our Ghanaian artists after all we should promote made in Ghana .
“Let’s forgive WISA, besides we all make mistakes”
In the evening, get a church to attend in order to renew your hope and trust in God for the year ahead and give him praise for supporting, guiding and protecting you throughout 2015.
Our inability to achieve our goals in 2015 doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t achieve those in 2016 .
We can. Yes You Can.
Its all about having the faith and determination to stand firm in all that you do and your desire to never give up for what you want.
2016 is going to be a great year. It is an election year and as usual there will be enough money in your pocket , for your support ,vote and endorsement .
“Remember to take the money when you are being offered.” Yes take it . Its your own money, just that its being given to you in a different form .Always remember that .
But take it and never sell your conscience for them.
Stand firm and let common sense rule .
Common sense must rule in 2016 .
Enough of the silence from the youth on matters affecting you in your small corner.
Stand up and speak to it as if that particular moment will be your last on earth .
2016 is going to be a successful year and am very much optimistic about it .
Nyame ne hene .
Remember Y3 w) krom because we are alive.
Best Regards
L/NUGS President (University of Ghana)

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