by Israel Boafo Bansah

New beginning
An important key to reaching your full potential in life is putting yourself in an environment of a new beginning. The bible says when God opens a door no man can shut it and when He shuts a door, no man can open it.
Sometimes in life our past failures will try to weigh us down but let go and allow God to do the new thing. You may have lost it all but that is not the end of your life, just see it as an opening of a new chapter in your life. Every new beginning comes with a new dispensation, so stop forcing yourself on the doors God has closed and focus on the new opportunities that are coming your way.
Get a new vision and hang around other dreamers, not the daydreamers but people with big dreams, goals and plans to do something significant with their lives. God is saying this is a new beginning, so get your fire back, and get your passion back together with new faith and commitment. Start stretching your coast once again and remember that God is on your side. The pain of the past may be great but say to yourself that I have the spirit of an overcomer, face the future with confidence and never let the fear of past failures put you down. Walk out of the depression, addiction, and begin to conceive new ideas. Get back your life, redefine yourself and position yourself well in Christ, begin to see beyond the natural and focus on God.
You may have dropped it but God held it, what left your hands will never leave the hands of God, it escaped you but God is capable of giving you back what you lost. Have a positive mind-set and develop a positive attitude together with a godly thinking pattern, open up your spirit to new ideas and focus on the future. Learn to despise the shame and press on for the mark of honour, you may still be struggling with little issues but remember the bible says, “And we know that all things work together for the good, to them that love God and to them that are called according to his purpose”.
Ignore all the voices and focus on Christ, looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of your faith, people may be thinking you are failing but God says you are making a break through, others may be saying you cannot be part but God says I’m bringing you in, you may be disqualified and rejected but focus on your abilities and your new level, all the challenges are working together for your good. A preacher once said, if I was not put down, I wouldn’t know God could lift me up, if I wasn’t neglected, I wouldn’t have appreciated the love of God, if I  didn’t have problems, I wouldn’t know God could fix them.
Never worry about the past but focus on your new beginning, for one thing I’m so sure of, the people who despised and rejected you will come back looking for you, they will still remember who you were but God will also be very proud for what He has made you.

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