Security man arrested for theft at Limann hall

by Israel Boafo Bansah

One of the security officers at the Dr. Hilla Limann hall of University of Ghana was arrested in connection with some missing items in the hall about three days ago. The security officer who was arrested and currently in the custody of the Legon police branch of the Ghana police service was believed to aid a group of students who stole some belongings of students of the hall.
The items which includes a couple of mobile phones and a one terabyte laptop was stolen from one of the rooms in the hall during an end of semester party organized by some students of the hall who were so happy and celebrating their successful completion of the first semester of the 2015/2016 academic year. It was believed that the thieves came to the party like everyone else but during the cause of the celebrations, they quickly got hold of the items and were helped by the security officer to take the items out of the hall.
Security officers especially those at the four news halls of the University of Ghana are generally tasked to check movements in and out of the hall in order to curtail the security situation which have being on the rise for some time now. They check and make sure that students who are not residents of the hall are made to “sign in” and leave their ID cards by the porters desks so that they can be able to check who and what goes in and out of the hall at any given time.
Security personnel in the hall have been associated with some level of theft from students for some time now but this is the first case of a security officer actually getting arrested and the police involved.

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