by Israel Boafo Bansah

My attention was drawn to a status I used on whatsapp the order day;
” Salt of the earth,  not the church”.
After explaining the meaning of the status to her, she encouraged me to write this piece. For the many who know me personally,  I have always been a voice campaigning for the church to involve itself in issues of national concern.
One problem I have with the church today is the usage of the term- ministry.  As soon as you mention that word, people begin to think of someone behind a pulpit preaching the word.
Ministry is a divine mandate handed over to humanity to demonstrate the love of divinity. It is an opportunity to demonstrate divine agenda and concept to humanity.
Humanity spreads beyond the church.  But what do we see today?  Men and women of great talents have all suppressed the gifts within them just so they can also fit behind the pulpit.
As a result,  we see many churches springing up today.  Why?  Because everyone wants to be seen as working for God.
Maybe we have forgotten that we are the light of the WORLD,  not the church.  There are too many lights shining in the church today.  Our visions are being blurred. Every lamp wants to shine in that one enclosed place- the church.
Meanwhile,  the world continues getting darker as it’s source of light has refused to supply the light it needs.  And we the same Christians, go back and complain?
The church has become too salty- different brands of salt being stuffed into one small pot of soup. So now the world is becoming sour and sour everyday.
The mandate we have been given is to subdue and till the earth. How can we exercise dominion on something we do not want to be associated with?
Look at how political leaders are ruining nations today. Look at our nation Ghana;  rolling down on a highway full of rocks- rocks of Dumsor,  corruption,  cedi depreciation in a vehicle being steered by hungry and greedy men we have chosen as stewards of national resources?
He told us to go out into the world. Until we as Christians determine to rise up and be concerned about the leadership and governance of this nation, we will forever remain where we are.
Let’s stop the criticisms and rantings and ravings.  You can only solve problems in the sphere that you are concerned with.  The Church always cries over spilt milk!  It must end!
I look forward to a church that determines which direction the nation should go. A church that has taken over every sphere of the economy. A church that decides who leads Ghana,  and it is so!
Wherever you are today,  develop your gifts and talents! Your platform may be the pulpit.  Glory to God.
The larger platform though;  where the salt’s sweetening and the lights illumination are needed,  is the world. Our ministry is done when we have fully used that which is within for impact to the glory of God.
The time has come for the church to face the world! Let us begin to discern the times and seasons!

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