by Israel Boafo Bansah

1-Candidates shall conduct their campaign in a very cordial and decorous manner.
2-An S.R.C aspirant may withdraw his or her candidature by formal writing to the Electoral Commissioner.
3-All S.R.C elections conducted by the Electoral Commission shall be won by a more than fifty (50) percent of the total number of valid votes in the election.
4-Where no candidate scores more than fifty percent of the valid votes cast, there shall be a run-off election between the first two candidates with the highest number of votes within seven (7) days and the winner shall be determined by simple majority.
5-Electronic Voting shall be used for elections and members shall provide their ID cards for verification before voting.
6-Each Candidate, fully certified as duly nominated by the Electoral Commission, shall appoint only one (1) polling agent per each polling station.
7-Each student is entitled to only one (1) vote and there shall be no proxy voting and no campaigning during voting.
8-All voters who are already in the queue of voting shall be allowed to vote even when the time of voting has elapsed.
9-Paraphernalia of candidates shall not be allowed at the polling station and noise making or chanting of names of candidate on day of elections except after declaration of election results.
10-For the avoidance of doubt, defaming the character of fellow candidates or the use of any means of intimidation against other candidates, their assigns, privies or agents is strictly prohibited.
11-Any student after casting his or her vote is expected to leave the polling station immediately.
12- Collation of election results shall be done at a central point to be determined by the Electoral Commission.
13-For the avoidance of doubt, the General Membership of the S.R.C is hereby notified that declaration of results of any form can only be done by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission or any deputy Commissioner authorized by him to do so.
14-There shall not be any campaign material within 100m radius of the polling stations on the voting day.
15-Complaints of electoral fraud and allegations of electoral malpractices should be lodged with the Electoral Commission within 24 hours after voting.
16-The Electoral Commission reserves the right to bring forth additional Rules and Regulations to ensure the success of the year’s S.R.C elections
Candidates shall not be found within fifty (50) meters radius from the Polling station.
17-All votes shall be by secret ballots and voters shall not communicate with one another whiles voting.
18-There shall not be any form of abuse or intimidation on any member of the Electoral Commission
19-All other provisions regarding the Rules and Regulations are enshrined in the S.R.C Constitution.
The Electoral Commission shall in consultation with the judicial board apply sanctions deemed appropriate.

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