Joshua Dogbey Provides Solution To Fuel-Plant Saga

by Calvin Gyasi

The UG SRC president for 2014/2015 year, Joshua Mawuko Dogbey has provided the SRC solutions the seemingly never ending saga of fueling the power plants for the residential halls.
He writes:
I have handed over the agreements to successive SRC administrations to help in advancing the argument: it seems the SRC is still yet to understand the nature and meaning of that correspondence.
The current SRC Should: push for a joint meeting among myself, the current SRC and GRASAG executives and as well as University management, this I have been waiting for all this while;
2. It’s first one fails, we organise a press conference and give them deadline to stop the charge;
3. If it fails, the third option is series of protests and court action. We have enough evidence to win this case both in the court of public opinion and of law.
 4. Students should be interested in the case and support people who are ready to lead the charge against this illegal financial pain on students.
The current SRC should be more concerned and lead the way: policies should not suffer implementation nightmares with mare change in the leadership of the SRC.

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