Golden Empire Legacy Limited

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Since our inception in 2016, we have maintained an unrivalled reputation evident in our customer-centric approach, responsiveness to market changes, strength in addressing market gaps and, most importantly, the provision of quality products reflective of our organisation’s prowess.

Over the past years, we have undertaken exhaustive research in the development of reputable and sustainable gold export business and have been known for consistent performance, whilst delivering on our obligations.

Given our unique attributes, we have developed a strong, supportive network of businesses associates who together provide the basis for our organisation’s strategic growth into international markets.

Our strategy builds on a robust governance structure which enables greater clarity and unity of direction from the Board to the Management team thereby enhancing more effective execution and control of our objectives. This approach has propelled Golden Empire Legacy Limited to attain a sizeable organisation status with a progressive annual turnover reaching USD186 million as at the end of 2019. As at the end of May 2020,  our revenue was in excess of USD171 million.

We continue to deliver quality, reliable and sustainable business transactions which to date has created more than 500 long- term jobs and provides 250 active small scale miners and families with finance and equipment to up-skill their workforce and expand their operations.

We have also undertaken extensive works to enable explore, develop, and commence mining operations in Ghana by 2021. Our efforts to succeed in this integration venture is demonstrated by the acquisition of 100% owned gold concessions in four (4) Regions in Ghana located in Ashanti, Eastern, Western and Brong Ahafo Regions. The approximate amount of gold deposits under the control of our company is verified at 3.1 million ounces with an estimated potential stock market (TSX, ASX, AIM) value of 4.8 Billion United States Dollars. This is subject to the completion of a second stage verification exploration on the rich primary deposits. This arrangement will not in anyway disrupt our partnership with small scale miners.

Our plan, over the next 3 to 5 years is to retain our niche and deepen our strategic partnerships with small scale miners, investors, commercial and financial institutions. We are poised to provide innovative foreign exchange alternatives, increase private and institutional investment and create significant shareholder value by listing on the London Alternative Investment Market (AIM) – this demonstrates our willingness to even maintain higher compliance standards.

We aim to demonstrate an on-going addition of value while conforming to strict local and international regulatory standards and be known by the investor community for delivering financial sustainability with high social impact in ways that creates jobs, support institutions, develops economies and transform lives.”

Our adoption of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is central to our business model and mandate, underpinning a clear strategy to share the benefits of our business activities with the community while delivering the full value of our projects for our shareholders.

The launch of our flagship ASM2020 project by the third quarter of the 2020 financial year will see over 2000 small scale miners equipped with new investments in infrastructure to mine mercury-free gold and increase production levels.

Our Services

Golden Empire Legacy Limited is poised to provide tailored support to all its prospective clients through our team of dedicated experts from the mining and precious metal industry to meet business needs. Our services include:

Purchase & Export of Gold
With unlimited access to over 1000 domestically licensed gold producers and dealers, Golden Empire Legacy Limited buys gold locally and exports internationally. This has enabled our organization carve its reputation as Ghana’s preferred choice in the gold dealership space.

Global Supply
We offer appealing options for our international gold consumers in merchandising. We also avail negotiable discounts for bulk purchasing.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the local and international gold  market enables us to employ a consultative approach in procuring and exporting gold. Our clients look up to us for technical excellence in gold trade and a full range of tailored services of the highest calibre we provide. We are therefore able to advise our clients on ethical sourcing of quality gold.

How We Operate

Underpinning our operations is a robust governance structure, greater clarity and unity of direction from the Board and Executive team which enhances a  more effective and timely decision making, and control accountability”

  • We provide the most reliable customer service for our clients as we provide ethical, conflict-free and legitimate supplies of gold to the international market.
  • We maintain a string partnership with all stakeholders especially our miners and regulators
  • We give back to the community through various CSR programs

Meeting Our SDG’S

We recognize the significance of greater attention to social and environmental concerns in order to add value and protect our company’s social license to operate. We aim to provide improved general health, sustained investment in skill formation and education, create jobs, build infrastructure that will promote new ideas which generates environmental and social benefits to  drive financial value.


Golden Empire Legacy Limited is an unrivalled corporate citizen that has won the trust and confidence of numerous communities through the successful implementation of social and environmental intervention initiatives. Our firm belief that the success of our business cannot be divorced from the success of the communities in which we operate has guided us to deliver on a comprehensive CSR policy that ensures 2 percent of our profits is devoted to addressing societal and environmental concerns.

Golden Empire Legacy Limited Contact Details

Location: 181 Parsnip Street, East Legon, Accra – GH
Telephone: +233 (0)30 397 0268

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