Prince Kissi – The "Donald Trump" Of UG

by Calvin Gyasi

The JCR president of the United Nations Hall (Evandy), Nana Addo Korie Frimpong has responded to SRC presidential aspirant Prince Kissi’s statement to sue some JCR leaders if they go ahead to collect the money for the fuel.

Evandy JCR president Nana Addo Korie Frimpong

Evandy JCR president Nana Addo Korie Frimpong

Mr. Kissi had earlier threatened to sue some JCR leaders if they went on to take the money for the fueling of the plants aside their JCR dues. He described the whole action as illegal.
Evandy’s Presido accused Mr. Kissi of trying to play the “Donald Trump” of the University of Ghana and also showing gross disrespect to the SRC he desperately wants to head and undermining their intelligence.
Mr. Frimpong then went on say that the SRC president Hopeful is threatening legal action in a bid to score political points.

This is what he wrote to Prince Kissi …..

Prince Kissi’s desperation to be Donald Trump of student politics is not helping him.
His utterances since declaring his intention to occupy the SRC President position of University of Ghana exposes his little knowledge in student representative administration. His utterances sort to undermine the intelligence of student leaders and disrespect them.
First was his petition on decentralizing the level 100 medical examination. After his plea was granted, he made himself coordinator for the exercise when we have JCR and SRC who would have helped coordinated it better. When this exercise started, none of the SRC and JCR executives were informed.
As if that wasn’t enough disrespect, on 29th January, 2016 , a statement was going around from Prince Kissi on payment for fueling plants in the halls and calling the JCR and SRC failures.
Responding to his disrespectful message towards student leaders which he put out to score cheap political points, I will advise Prince Kissi to first contact student leaders on such issues before inciting students against their leaders.
According to the university, less than 30% of students have paid the 100cedis for the purchase of the plants. That amount was for the purchase of the plants only and not for the fueling and maintenance of the plants. This current SRC and JCR came to meet agreements signed and decisions already taken for the purchase of these plants. So now who should pay for the fueling and maintenance of these plants? Government, University or Students? The University in a meeting with student leaders claim they only helped the Joshua Dogbe administration in purchasing the plants and not fueling them. Now lets even assume the university decides to add it to the fees of students….would it be fair to the non-residents, distance and city campus students?
I will advise Prince Kissi to save himself from being a laughing stock, change his Donald Trump strategies if he seriously want to win SRC president and show some respect to student leaders in his utterances. Prince Kissi before you speak on such matters ask and you will get answers to why some of these decisions are taken. JCR and SRC have nothing to gain from these extra charges.

Nana Addo Korie Frimpong
United Nations Hall(Evandy)

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